Why You Need to Monitor Dumpster Enclosures

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Everyone has seen a small bag of garbage or a piece of trash sitting right next to a dumpster, and you have probably thought, “Why couldn’t they have just put it into the dumpster?”

People shy away from using dumpsters with dirty lids, broken handles, or a general mess around them. All the hand sanitizer in the world could not make them want to operate a filthy dumpster enclosure.

Monitoring dumpster enclosures keeps your property clean, your tenants safe, and your brand’s image looking good.

As Universal Site Services points out, there are many reasons to monitor your dumpster enclosures:

  • Residents do more to keep the property clean when dumpster areas are clean and neat.
  • Prospective tenants will be turned off by unsightly common areas.
  • Local laws may impose fines for improper waste disposal.
  • Employees should have a safe and clean working environment.

How to Keep Dumpster Areas Clean

Make sure to provide the appropriate types of dumpsters for waste and recyclables, in enough locations that people will actually use them. A staff member should clean handles and lids at least weekly.

You also need a solution for moving and emptying dumpsters efficiently. Our battery-powered dumpster tugs let you move containers to different locations around the property. For special events like pool parties, a worker can relocate dumpsters nearby. It also makes operations easier when it’s time to move dumpsters to a pickup location.

Empower any employee to safely and quickly move dumpsters to strategic locations and transport them to dropoff sites with motorized dumpster tugs from DJ Products. Contact us for help selecting the right equipment for your property!

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