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Why You Want Articulated Concrete for Landfill Protection


A good landfill is one that no one notices. It does not produce odors, contribute to erosion or divert storm water to undesirable locations. The municipality or private entity in charge of it has to make great efforts to keep it that way. One way to do that is by installing articulated concrete. This system of concrete blocks and wires offers landfill protection that is unlike previous options. If you are a landfill operator or a municipal officer in charge of landfills, here is why you want to consider this product:

  • Prevent erosion: Moving trash into the landfill makes it a high traffic area. That can cause wear to the land and lead to erosion. Installing articulated concrete on roadways and other access points will reduce these effects. Also, landfills often contain berms and other natural features to prevent trespassing and manage the area. You can use articulated concrete to maintain those as well.
  • Control storm water: When you fail to control storm water at landfills, you risk polluting water sources. Designing a culvert that keeps the water flowing to appropriate places reduces this hazard. Using articulated concrete for these culverts offers a long term solution to this issue that remains intact for years. You will not have to worry about frequent maintenance or degradation of your storm water management system. Articulated concrete offers one of the most effective and long lasting ways to control storm water flow.
  • Easily cut to the area: Another challenge with landfills is that they often occupy oddly shaped areas. You may need to have a road that curves a certain way or a culvert with dramatic curves to maintain the best protection. The articulated nature of our mats makes it easy to cut them to size and fit anywhere their services are required. Normally complicated circumstances lead to high costs, but that is not the case when you use articulated concrete.
  • Offers stability: Once installed, the articulated concrete stays put. The onslaught of waste and water will not break it down and it will not fail on you. There is no reason to fear a giant erosion disaster when you install articulated concrete in your landfill.
  • Can be moved according to needs: Sometimes, the needs of your landfill change. A natural disaster can change the nature of your site enough that roads and culverts require redesigning. You may need to expand or distribute waste in a different manner. When these incidents arise, you can dig out the mat and move it where it needs to be. It is the ultimate reusable and recyclable product that will adapt to any changing needs.
  • Meets and exceeds government standards: Landfills are heavily regulated in the U.S. and Canada. The properties of articulated concrete meet these standards, and in many cases exceed them. You get to enjoy state-of-the-art landfill protection while also knowing that you are in compliance with applicable laws.

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