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Wide Chamber Hammer Mill


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Wide Chamber Hammer Mill Introduction

 As a new type of hammer mill, the wide chamber hammer mill can be used for both common and fine grinding, especially for fine grinding of grains which are further processed into feed pellets for aquatics. The wide chamber hammer mill is first choice of small and middle-sized feedstuff processing plants and factories. 

Wide Chamber Hammer Mill Features

1. The machine shell is welded by steel plate, crushing room is made of wearable materials .

2. The motor and rotor are installed in the same heavy-duty base, using coupling direct drive. 

3. The reasonable arrangement of hammers and clearance between hammer and screens ensure uniform output.

4. The second grinding design make the output increase 15% and  ensure even particle size.

5. Optional screen size and flexible opening device .

6. Low working temperature, easy to operate and maintain.

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