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WiFi Inverter data logger


The Wi-Fi inverter data logger (WE3162/WU3162) has an embedded Wi-Fi module, which can connect and transmit the data to remote monitoring portal via Wi-Fi. It can collect all the accurately real-time data, including status, performance and alarms from wifi solar inverter by standard communication interface (RS485/422/232) and report to remote cloud every 5 minutes.


This data logger can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi networks by simple configuration and operation and allows the operating data to be visualized and monitored regardless of location using the web portal. Users can directly get access to its internal web server and set Wi-Fi settings by few steps.


We provide two different models of the Wi-Fi inverter data logger. Embedded Wi-Fi inverter data logger (WE3162) is a monitoring module that can be easily embedded in inverters, without any additional external hardware. USB type inverter data logger (WU3162) is a monitoring module which can be easily plug into the inverter.


We provide fully customization service for this product. Firstly, we customize the hardware, including power supply, communication interface and other necessary parts for easy integration with your solar inverter; Secondly, we customize the embedded firmware according to the communication protocol of your solar inverter, so it can communicate smoothly with your solar inverter. At last, if needed we can customize the web-based monitoring system and android/IOS app.


Key Feature

Satisfied for industrial application and able to work under high temperature

One-key setup to connect to your home Wi-Fi network

Web based configuration interface for easier settings

Collect the inverter data and report to the cloud every 5 minutes

The communication protocol with the inverter can be customized

Easily to embed or plug into the inverter

TTL or RS485 communication interface are optional


Hardware Appearance

We provide the customized hardware. The below pictures are for your reference.


View the data on the web portal

We can provide the customized web monitoring system. The below pictures are the examples of the system we developed previously.


View the data on mobile app

We can provide the customized android/IOS app. The below pictures are the examples of the app we developed previously.