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Willingness to pay for improved quality of trekking in Manang, Nepal

This study investigates international trekkers' willingness to pay (WTP) for three different quality improvements, which are aimed at promoting sustainable trekking in Manang, Nepal: (1) a guided additional trekking (nature walk) in the Annapurna Conservation Area; (2) an extended village tour in the Nar Phu Valley of Manang, for greater cultural understanding and (3) upgrades to a museum of Tibetan artefacts. This study uses data collected from a 2005–2006 in–person sample of trekkers in Nepal and a contingent valuation survey questionnaire. Results show that the proposed trekking quality improvements have positive economic values, with relative WTP per trekker of about US $35–$38 for the improved nature walk, US $11–$17 for the village tour and US $9–$15 for the museum quality improvements.

Keywords: Manang, Nepal, trekking quality, contingent valuation, WTP, willingness to pay, sustainable trekking, sustainability, international trekkers, quality improvement, nature walks, cultural understanding, culture, museum improvements, Tibetan artefacts, economic value

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