WinLims for the cosmetics industry


Courtesy of Quality Systems International (QSI)

The personal care product industry is dependent on repeat business from loyal customers through the delivery of products of consistent quality. WinLIMS has become a key tool within the personal care and cosmetic industry by virtue of the standard functionality that is provided right out of the box that ensure product quality. These features
  • On-Line SQC/SPC
  • Shelf-Life Stability
  • Formulation Management
  • ERP Integration
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Specification & COA Management
  • Complaints and Corrective Actions

These capabilities, in conjunction with the standard WinLIMS functionality, provide a unique automation solution to the personal care and cosmetic industry sector that can be implemented without extensive custom code. The benefit of
this approach is to reduce cost without any sacrifice in requirements or performance.

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