Wire manufacturing facility


Courtesy of Dungeness Environmental

Bench-Scale Stormwater Treatment Study

A large wire manufacturer in Washington State asked Dungeness Environmental to perform a treatability study on their stormwater run-off. The run-off requires remediation prior to discharge for turbidity, zinc, copper and lead concentrations.

Dungeness performed an initial screening test in the lab simulating a variety of water treatment techniques for an indication of the method most appropriate for the site. The results of a couple different treatment matrices showed that the low metals effluent concentration limits were obtainable.

Dungeness further investigated the most promising pollutant removal techniques for a comparison of the relative removal efficiency. Site conditions, toxicity, cost, automation and ergonomics of each method was also factored into the selection criteria. A comprehensive treatability report has been submitted to the client which summarizes the results and includes the recommended treatment approach.

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