Wireless data collection options for GaugerGSM


Wireless data collection options for GaugerGSM

GaugerGSM is an ultrasonic level meter with wireless GSM communication capabilities. GaugerGSM sends both periodic messages and event messages.

Periodic messages are transmitted once in a period of time. The period is predetermined and fixed. In some cased, several periods of time may be defined and the rate of sending messages will be dependent on the level being measured. Event messages are sent immediately as the event occurs. A variety of event messages is available for the users and usually depends on the application. Theft and refuel alerts are typical in diesel monitoring applications. Level alerts such as close to empty are typical in either water tank or diesel applications. Overflow alerts are required in sewer monitoring applications. Periodic alerts convey measured and calculated information including measured distance, level, volume and temperature. Event alerts may include additional information such as quantity refilled.

GaugerGSM can be configured to send data using SMS or GPRS messages. Several options allow collecting, viewing and manipulating the data. In addition, wired local monitoring is also available. The variety of data collection options is described in this document.

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