`Wireless Record Keeping-Field Applications,` published in Pit and Quarry, February 2002

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In today's regulated world, facilities face numerous compliance demonstration requirements.  From testing for visible emissions to monitoring control device parameters, environmental managers must gather and store a great deal of compliance- related information. Documentation of various operational parameters can be required daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.  Consolidating this information can also be a time-consuming problem.  Recent developments in wireless record keeping devices such as hand-held personal data assistants (PDAs) are providing new solutions.  Newer PDAs have improved speed, memory, and graphics capabilities as well as more flexibility for customization.  Customized PDAs can store and generate maintenance or compliance data collection worksheets or checklists that include logic structures that guide the user through the route that requires minimal labor. These PDAs can enable field personnel to gather information in an electronic format while reducing opportunities for transcription errors and allowing for more efficient processing and utilization of the data. This paper will present two scenarios illustrating how facilities can fulfill regulatory requirements by utilizing PDA-type wireless record keeping devices.

Example Applications

This paper focuses on the use of mainstream PDAs that can be used to display photographs, complete checklists, and perform numerous other functions. These types of wireless devices are more affordable and user friendly than their commercial counterparts and generally cost substantially less.  Following are two examples of how PDAs can be utilized in the workplace.

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