With a Bramidan mill-size baler Chicago Tech inc. is now greener than ever - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Chicago Tech inc. improved its internal logistics, freed up warehouse space and at the same time improved the company's recycling efforts while making money on the bales in return.

In the middle of 2013 Chicago Tech inc. moved to its new warehouse location in Northbrook, IL. It quickly became obvious to VP of Operations, Dan H. that they needed a solution for disposing of the many boxes they receive every day with IT and telecom hardware.

We chose a vertical baler

While investigating the possible solutions - a dumpster, a compactor, or a vertical baler - Dan H. got in contact with KCS Group, a recycling company out of Kokomo, Indiana. KCS Group went over the different options - and ultimately, Chicago Tech inc. decided for a vertical baler. With this baler the cardboard does not get mixed with other materials, and is the best way to make sure that the cardboard is recycled and does not end in a landfill.

Benefits of baling

The main benefit of baling, aside from the general compaction of the recyclable material, is that Chicago Tech inc. is able to generate a revenue stream by selling the baled cardboard to KCS Group. This means that not only does the company save the alternative compactor or dumpster costs, the added revenue helps keeping the ROI as short as possible.

Chicago Tech inc. has aggressive growth plans, and the large Bramidan B30 W baler that makes bales up to 550 kg will easily be able to accomodate the increased waste flow.

Extra wide filling opening for large boxes

The B30 W baler was the right machine for Chicago Tech inc. The large filling opening enables them to dispose of even very large boxes without breaking them down. Additionally, the high safety of the baler, which has no open holes, was a must. The full bale indicator light makes the bale sizes consistent and makes operation of the baler very easy.

About Chicago Tech inc.

Chicago Tech inc. is specialized in providing IT and telecom asset management services for corporations. These services include purchasing, monitoring, financing, refurbishing plus many other IT and telecom hardware solutions. The increased focus on refurbishing hardware means that Chicago Tech inc. is also very involved in the e-scrap industry.

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