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Wood waste case study - Jukes Holdings


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The MD of a group of independent coffin manufacturers has seen the light in recycling wood waste, and is saving thousands of pounds in waste disposal charges and heating costs by rolling out wood waste heaters across his companies.

Stewart Jukes, MD of Jukes Holdings Ltd was so impressed with a wood waste heater purchased for one of his companies, Brian Reid & Son in Scotland, that he has since ordered 3 more units from manufacturer, Wood Waste Technology Ltd.

The initial unit was ordered through Wood Waste Technology’s Scottish distributor, Walter Scott, who approached coffin manufacturer Brian Reid to explain both the environmental and cost-saving benefits of burning wood waste. Lindsay Reid, Director at Brian Reid & Son explains, “It made sense to us straight away, both in terms of saving money on skips, but also as the wood waste burner would give us heating into the factory free of charge.“

Whilst Walter Scott undertook a site survey and evaluation, the staff at Brian Reid started doing their sums. As soon as they calculated that the company had spent £9000 on heating oil in just 3 months during one extremely cold Scottish winter, plus were paying skip costs of around £7000 annually, they ordered a Wood Waste Technology W15 heater for the 9000 square foot unit in Scone, Perthshire. Now, the 1.4 tonnes of wood waste produced from weekly coffin manufacture is fed into the machine, benefiting both the environment, and the company’s bottom line.

When an oil heater broke down at another Jukes Holdings company, it was quickly replaced by a Wood Waste Technology WT15 heater. Darryl Farr, Director & Joint Owner at LT&R Vowles Limited in Upton on Severn, Worcestershire says, “Using the old heater was like burning money, as it was costing us well over £6000 a year. The new wood waste burner doesn’t just keep everyone warm, it also saves us a fortune in skip charges, and is a more eco-friendly solution.”

A third unit, another WT15, will shortly be installed into Midland Funeral Supplies Ltd in West Bromwich. Shop Floor Manager at Midland Funeral Supplies, Andy Clift says, “We can’t wait for the wood waste burner to be installed, as we spent around £9000 in 2011 on skip charges and around £800 a month on gas heaters to keep the unit at the right temperature so the wood stays free from damp.”

MD, Stewart Jukes says, “The waste cuttings of solid timber and chipboard from coffin manufacture are ideal for recycling. Not only do the wood waste heaters help the companies reduce their carbon footprint, but the investment in them makes good business sense as they save us so much money. We’ve calculated that most will payback within 12 months, and we’ve just ordered another one for another company in the group, F.E. Harris Ltd in Plymouth.”.

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