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A joinery company in Norwich has replaced three wood waste heaters with brand new ones from Wood Waste Technology.

Pronto Joinery provides both the general public and trade with wooden replacement windows and doors from its purpose built factory in Horsford. The company has used wood waste burners for many years, but wanted to replace its existing heaters with newer ones to benefit from enhanced technology and efficiency. Having heard excellent reviews about the range of heaters manufactured by Wood Waste Technology, the team contacted Kurt Cockroft for more information.

Pronto Joinery converts all its wood waste into briquettes, which are loaded into three wood waste burners that generate enough heat to keep the 25 employees warm during the winter. Any excess briquettes are bagged and sold to the public via a number of local supermarkets and other outlets supplied by Pronto Joinery.

Following a site survey, three new Wood Waste Technology WT15 heaters were ordered and delivered to Norwich. Installation was easy, as the old heaters were just removed and replaced with new ones, which were then connected to the original ducting to allow the warm air from the wood waste burners into the factory during colder months.

Peter Scott, MD of Pronto Joinery Ltd says, As a company, we’re very proud that we recycle all our timber waste. Whilst it’s great for the environment that we don’t need to use any valuable fossil fuels like coal and oil for heat, it’s also good for our company as it saves us money on heating bills and skip charges, plus provides an additional income stream into the business from the sale of the excess briquettes.

The new heaters have been in the factory just over a year, so have had their first annual maintenance service. Peter comments, We’ve been delighted with the high level of customer service we’ve received from Wood Waste Technology they’ve been a great company to deal with, from initial purchase right through to the first service. The new heaters have been well worth the investment, as they seem to be much stronger and more reliable than the previous ones.

Kurt Cockroft, MD of Wood Waste Technology says, Many companies who contact us are new to burning wood waste, but the team at Pronto Joinery have been recycling their wood waste for years. It’s testimony to the quality and reliability of our machines that a company so experienced in burning its waste has chosen to replace their old ones with Wood Waste Technology heaters. We’re proud to be working with such a pioneering company that is leading the way forward.

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