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Wood waste product


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A landfill needed a way to reduce their waste stream volume, increase the life of their landfill, and recover a recyclable, marketable product. Wood and yard waste material comprise up to 20% of their entire waste stream volume. Processing and recycling this material will extend the life of the landfill by 20 years. They chose WSM's Model 4864BH Horizontal Hogging System with a customized feed system to handle both industrial wood waste and yard waste.

Operation of the system begins with material being fed directly from the receiving pile to the chain infeed conveyor. The two waste streams are processed separately, with the wood waste converted into chipboard furnish or boiler fuel, and the yard waste converted into compost material. The horizontal, controlled feed is especially useful in metering the large loads of waste into the grinding chamber. Processed material is discharged on to a belt conveyor and tramp metal is removed with a series of magnets. The stacking conveyor feeds finished material directly into a chip truck, or drops it on to a pile before transport to nearby windrows.

This high volume, heavy duty processing system gives the landfill the ability to effectively and efficiently convert their diverse flow of wood waste materials into a recyclable product.

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