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Wood waste recycling


Courtesy of West Salem Machinery Co.(WSM)

A customer has built a very successful business grinding wood waste banned from the local landfill and selling the wood fiber.

They operate a system that was fully engineered and manufactured by WSM, including conveyors, magnetics, WSM 48-10 Disc Screen, WSM 4064BH Horizontal Hogging system, and support structures. A heavy duty vibrating conveyor feeds the wood waste into the hog. Ground material drops onto a belt conveyor with magnetic head pulley to remove ferrous metal, which falls into a dumpster and is sold to a metal recycler. Material is sorted on the disc screen, which is effective at removing both over-long and over-thick wood chunks to deliver a premium mulch product.

WSM wood recycling systems provide efficient and low cost processing of a variety of wood waste materials, while producing quality wood fiber products including landscape mulch, compost material, and boiler fuel.

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