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Wood Waste SPB Moulds - Case Study


Courtesy of Wood Waste Technology Ltd

A mould-making factory in Stoke on Trent is making and saving money since purchasing a briquetting machine from Gross UK and a wood waste heater from Wood Waste Technology.

Since 2008, Stoke on Trent company SPB Moulds has made patterns for metal casting, and supplies foundries across the UK. Whilst looking at ways to reduce business costs, the team spotted an opportunity in the market to supply sustainable alternative fuel, and now receives additional revenue from selling briquettes made from its wood waste.

MD of SPB Moulds, Simon Bowers explains, 'When we needed to move into a larger factory we hated the thought of having to actually pay for heating, considering the waste we were generating, so looked into what wood waste heaters were available'.

A client recommended heaters from Wood Waste Technology, as they had one and were impressed with the excellent manufacturing quality and superb customer service. Following the high commendation, Simon spoke with Kurt Cockroft, MD at Wood Waste Technology who helped Simon choose an appropriate model of heater for the business.

A WT5 45kw (150,000btu/hr) was ordered, and installed by Wood Waste Technology’s experienced engineers ready for SPB Mould’s staff to move into the new unit. The company is delighted to say that it still pays no heating bills, as the wood waste heater keeps the new 4000 square foot workshop and its twelve staff warm throughout the cold winter months.
Delighted with the benefits of the new heater, Simon and the team identified an opportunity to utilise the shavings and sawdust generated during manufacture, so looked at investing in a briquette machine.

Having experienced excellent after sales service from Wood Waste Technology on the wood burner, Simon was keen to buy a solution recommended by Kurt, so contacted him for information about Gross UK’s range of briquetting machines.

SPB Moulds purchased a Genius 2/50 briquetting machine and is now using ALL its wood waste to save and make money. The company has slashed its skip bills, and only needs to hire a skip around once a quarter.

Not only is the business now more environmentally friendly, the team also helps other local businesses by taking their wood shavings away for free to process through its briquetting machine. SPB Moulds is currently producing around 700 to 800 kilos of briquettes a week, which is estimated to bring an additional £15,000 of revenue into the business this year, and more in future years as extra wood waste is obtained from other businesses. Currently the company is only supplying the wholesale market with briquettes, but soon hopes to obtain more shavings so it can also start selling to the general public.

During the summer months, SPB Moulds is stockpiling all the briquettes produced, to help with supply when demand is high over winter.

Simon concludes, 'It’s just win-win for us. We can’t put a figure on how much we’re saving on heating bills as we’ve never paid them, but we’ve estimated we’re saving at least £200 a month on skip charges, plus have created an additional growing revenue stream for the business by selling the briquettes. We’re over the moon with the return on investment we’re getting, and would recommend more joinery businesses take a look at the pportunities that are out there to save and make money from wood waste.'

Managing Director of Wood Waste Technology and Gross UK, Kurt Cockroft says, 'We have a wide range of products that can help businesses save money on waste disposal, eliminate or reduce heating bills and transform wood waste into cash. By taking time to find out about clients requirements, we can recommend the best solution. We are delighted that SPB Moulds is benefitting from both investments.

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