Woodside goodwyn - treating flushing fluid


Courtesy of CETCO Energy Services

Client: Woodside Goodwyn

During a scheduled shutdown on the Goodwyn platform, Woodside contracted CETCO Oilfield Services to treat the fluid generated during a flushing operation on the Goodwyn West Alpha condensate (water) stripping column T-100 and, install a permanent CETCO adsorption OIW (Oil in Water) package.

During the shutdown of the Goodwyn platform, the vessel was drained, purged with Nitrogen and then flushed with water which was subsequently drained through the CETCO package, prior to an internal inspection.

A CETCO RFV 3000 adsorption skid was utilised to polish the flushing volumes onboard the platform, allowing the effluent to be discharged to the hazardous open drains caisson - avoiding contamination of the drains system and any subsequent issues. During the shutdown operation, the RFV 3000 was run in series with the first vessel containing CrudeSorb® media and the second vessel containing a patented activated carbon mix.

Results showed that the CETCO package managed to reduce these levels significantly. The Corrosion inhibitor level was as high as 117 ppm and averaged at 2 ppm on the CETCO outlet and the Oil in Water was treated from 360 ppm to and average outlet of 0.21 ppm and in addition to this accomplishment, the OIW treatment process proved to be very successful by achieving an oil removal efficiency of up to 98%.

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