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Woodson IL Case Study 33 Year old system


Courtesy of EP Aeration

Date of Design: 1973 by Benton & Associates Jacksonville, IL
Date of Hinde Engineering Installation: 1974
Design Data: Domestic Waste only
Design Flow
<0.100 MGD
Design Load
BOD 200 mg/l ~170 PPD
TSS 200 mg/l ~170 PPD
2 Lagoons ~ 2 Acres Total 10’ WD 2’ FB
2 Sand Filters

In 1999 ADS converted the original aeration system to Out-of-Water HDPE headers and new aeration diffusers. (Same air supply 125 CFM by Blowers,
Two running, one standby)
Estimated energy use = 6.5 Wire HP

New ILEPA NPDES limits: CBOD < 25 mg/l TSS < 37 mg/l NH3 record monthly
No ammonia limits established, but expected to be coming by ILEPA.
In 2002 Woodson received grant money to install new Blowers and Aerated
Rock Filter by ADS.

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