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Woodstock WWTP Town of Woodstock, VA


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The Town of Woodstock was hauling liquid sludge to a regional plant which was having difficulty handling the high solids loading to their own plant. Woodstock needed of a temporary dewatering solution and decided to control their destiny by purchasing or renting dewatering equipment. With a growing town and an upcoming facility expansion, the plant had no building for equipment and decided that a trailer mounted unit was their best alternative.

MSD Environmental worked with the Town of Woodstock to bring in a trailer mounted 1.0 meter 3DPTM belt filter press from BDP to demonstrate the capabilities of the 3DP unit. The Town of Woodstock was so impressed with the superior performance of the 3DPTM belt filter press and the convenience and craftsmanship of the trailer mounted design that they decided to invest in a trailer mounted 3DPTM belt press of their own. The system included a control panel, hydraulic system, polymer system, sludge pump, wash water pump and discharge conveyor all conveniently mounted on the trailer.

Our special thanks to Gary Richman and all the employees at the Woodstock WWTP for their efforts and support.

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