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Worker fall from mobile scaffold

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In this study, the head injury of a worker, who had fallen from a mobile scaffold, where the employers alleged that the fall was entirely due to the unsafe actions of the victim and his co–workers, was investigated. Although the case involved a number of unsafe work conditions presented by the employers, defence attorneys wanted scientific validation of the author's contention that the fall could not have been due to the alleged unsafe actions of workers as claimed by the employers. This paper details a number of biomechanics analyses refuting the charges of the workers' alleged actions and fixing the root causes as low–guard–rail height and other unsafe conditions. Dynamic considerations are explored to the extent possible.

Keywords: fall injuries, head injuries, head impact, biomechanics, compensation claims, guardrail height, mobile scaffolding, fall dynamics, mobile scaffold, unsafe actions, biomechanical analysis, unsafe working conditions, employee safety, occupational health and safety

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