Workiva 2015 Sustainability Report


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Letter from the CEO

Sustainability involves nearly every department in companies today: research and development, manufacturing, human resources, accounting and finance, operations, customer service, government and community relations, legal and facilities. That’s why managing sustainability data across an enterprise and from a diverse supply chain can be tedious and time consuming.

Our Wdesk productivity platform solves this problem. Users can harness unstructured data and streamline and automate data collection and reporting. Wdesk also helps customers conserve resources. Universal access to Wdesk enables collaboration from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating excess travel. Wdesk is paperless, which allows our customers to cut their carbon footprint and waste by reducing printing and shipping of physical documents.

As Wdesk expands across risk, audit, finance and compliance teams, time and resource efficiencies improve throughout the organization.

Wdesk also makes our employees more productive, which gives us more time to focus on our customers. Our Customer Success Managers essentially become embedded in our customers’ teams as they work together through all the processes and controls necessary for high-quality data management, reporting and decision making.

Workiva follows a Human Asset Management approach to employee relations, which focuses first on improving our employees’ quality of life. This culture of care for our employees is passed on to our customers at the highest level, which is why our customer satisfaction scores are among the best in any industry.

We built Workiva on the core ethic of doing the right thing every time: from how we serve our customers to how we treat our employees to how we respect our surroundings.  

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