World Bank chooses NILU as air quality adviser in Hanoi

The World Bank (WB) has chosen The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) to evaluate plans for better air quality in Hanoi, Vietnam. NILU will thus work closely with the Vietnamese Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DONRE) to secure the highest standards in all the elements of DONRE´s ambitious plan for improving air quality in the Vietnamese capital. 

NILU´s main tasks are reviewing the DONRE proposed air quality management  (AQM) plans and assist with the development of a vehicular emission control strategy making use of integrated assessment tools (e.g. SIM-Air model that has been developed by the World Bank) with stakeholder consultation.

Review and comment on the DONRE proposed institutional framework needed to coordinate various stakeholders enabling coordinated planning and execution of integrated air quality management policies.

Share knowledge with other cities in Asia (e.g. through the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities CAI-Asia) for regional benefit.

The scope of services will include

  1. Reviewing existing information on air monitoring and emission data as well as the vehicular emission control strategy
  2. Institution analyses for sustainable air quality management
  3. Share experience with other cities in Asia

The work indicated in the project plan thus will include that NILU will have to review existing information and data on:

  • Source emissions,
  • Ambient air monitoring,
  • Impacts of air pollutants and
  • Air quality management studies for the city of Hanoi.

As part of the institution analyses for sustainable air quality management we will have to evaluate the institutional framework for AQM, which includes:

  • The operation of different air quality monitoring systems,
  • The emission control and regulation mechanisms

For evaluating and assessing the future air quality management and planning capability for Hanoi we will report and assess the training needs including:

  1. Data interpretation and reporting
  2. Emission data collection and emission inventories
  3. Air quality modelling
  4. Air Quality auditing (QA/QC), and
  5. Air Quality compliance interpretation in reference with international and national guidelines and standards.
World Bank chooses NILU as air quality adviser in Hanoi

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