World famous watch manufacturer chooses Bramidan as time matters - Case Study


Courtesy of Bramidan Balers

Swiss leader watch designer and manufacturer TISSOT has taken advantage of the new expansion of its premises to invest in a fully automatic Bramidan channel baler to optimize waste handling procedures.

For many years, Tissot had been using a 20m3 waste compactor to handle all types of waste fragments. Once full, the compactor used to be sent to an incinerator located 10 km away from the factory. In 2009, incineration was abandoned and all recyclable wastes were shipped to a recycling center to be sorted in the neighbor city of La Chaux de Fonds.

Internal logistics was still a daily challenge. Jean-Louis Bruelhart, in charge of logistics at Tissot explains:” Every day, employees would move up to twenty 800-liters wheels containers filled up with unsorted waste through the factory. Containers were then taken out of the building for another 50m crossed a steep gradient road”. Such a process was even more challenging during snowy winter times as the plant is located 1100m above the surface of the sea.

An obsolete waste solution, high logistical costs, a lack of income due to unsorted waste led the company to move towards a more efficient indoor compacting solution.

Compact solution for confined areas

Space really matters in the entirely renewed production area as Tissot’s historic plant is located in Le Locle, a remote area in the Jura Mountain. The extremely compact automatic channel baler HC30 fitted perfectly in the tiny basement area. Fed from the first floor with a tipping system, cardboard wastes fall down through a deep hopper into the HC30 chamber which is currently processing more than 1,5 tons of cardboard every day.

They save 200 minutes a day

The choice of the location of the channel baler is certainly not a coincidence: the new equipment was installed in a strategic area of the company, at the crossroads of the reception and shipping areas and just a few meters away from the assembly lines. “We calculated that each operator will now save up to 10 minutes when handling a container compared to the old process” says Jean-Louis Bruelhart. This is more than 200 minutes a day which can now be dedicated to more productive tasks.

One collection every 14 days

Cardboard is now being sorted and compacted directly on site generating a new income for the company (around 40CHF/ton). The high density bales are being stored and collected once every second week in a full load and shipped directly to a local paper mills, avoiding intermediaries such as traders. Another great saving for Tissot.

About Tissot

Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch producer and distributor. For over 155 years the company has had its home in the Swiss watch making town of Le Locle in the Jura Mountains. Today, the brand is represented in more than 150 countries around the world.

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