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Also showing was a picture of Pripiat, the abandoned city near Chernobyl, that features in the recent Russian (recycling) detective story: “Wolves Eat Dogs” by Martin Cruz Smith, where “hot” cars and trucks are being cannibalized for cheap after-market spares (engine blocks) for East Europe.

This year the USA Waste Expo setting in Las Vegas was an astounding location city for a waste expo, given that this man made lake with water-jets cost a staggering 50 million US$ and the chandelier inside another 12 million, all before you pay for the first bedroom in this palatial resort and casino on the Vegas strip. Evaporation of all this water in the desert, not to mention seeing how much money evaporated on making surrounds look like somewhere in Italy, (just near somewhere in France, or Venice) makes a stunning statement on water wastage and ego tourism. The latest hotel (Winn) has just opened at a cost of 7.2 billion US$!

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