Worldwide Cord Blood Banking Market Growth Analysis in Research Report


Courtesy of adds report Capitalizing on Opportunities in Cord Blood Industry Growth to its store. The cord blood banking industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This industry report reveals strategies for dominating the global cord blood banking industry, including tactics for global expansion, patterns in regional dominance, and methods for investing in the sector. A distinctive feature of this report is a global survey of expectant parents who reveal their deepest fears, core expectations, and critical factors influencing buying decisions. It is designed to guide the decision-making of cord blood banks worldwide, as well as to advise investors entering the market. It is a road-map for modeling cord blood banks that have achieved successful and rapid growth. 

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Report Format and Key Findings

  • Rates of worldwide cord blood storage (units per year)
  • Medical society opinions of cord blood banking
  • Cord blood scientific publication rates
  • U.S. and worldwide grant funding analysis
  • Cord blood patent breakdown
  • Assessment of cord blood vs. cord tissue clinical trial frequency
  • And much more

Key findings from the survey include how to:

  • Strategically position your products
  • Understand why expectant parents bank publicly, privately, or not at all
  • Communicate successfully with parents
  • Effectively educate parents
  • Prioritize your advertising budget
  • Sell your services more effectively

A unique component of the report is the recent and precise market size determinations for the global cord blood banking industry. Analyzing historical data since 2004 and applying statistical modeling forward through 2018, detailed market projections are provided. In addition, these market size determinations are further segmented into United States (U.S.), European Union (EU), and worldwide data sets, all projected through 2018.

Claim this report to view:

  • 10 years of historical market size data (2004 to present)
  • Current market size determinations
  • 5 years of forward market size projections (through 2018)
  • Size of individual market segments (U.S., European Union, and Worldwide)

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The Main Benefits:

·         Exclusive Specialty

·         7 Years of Extensive Research & Experience

·         Substantiated Future Projections

·         Optimal Foundation For Future Projections

·         Make More Money

Table of Contents

Part 1: Cord Blood Banking Industry - Market Overview & Outlook

I. History of Cord Blood Banking
II. Likelihood of Needing a Stem Cell Transplant
III. Current, Future, and Projected Conditions Treatable with Cord Blood Transplant
IV. Cord Blood vs. Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood, as a Source of Hematopoietic Stem Cells for Transplant
V. Cord Blood Banking – Storage Options

Part 2: Expansion and Growth – Trailing 12-Month Analysis & Future Projections

I. Market Size Determinations

II. Fast-Growth vs. Flat-Growth – Bimodal Distribution

III. Growth Rate

IV. Revenue
V. Industry Conditions
VI. Trends
VII. Cord Tissue Storage
VIII. Barriers to Entering the Cord Blood Market
IX. Leveraging Novel Tactics for Substantive Revenue Growth
X. Comparing to the Competition – Setting Yourself Apart

Part 3: Parent Survey - Continuing to Grow by Listening to Expectant Parents

I. Global Expectant Parent Survey (2013)
II. Summary of Conclusions



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