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Worthless waste into valuable copper - Case Study


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  • Recycling areas: Cable
  • Company name: Gulf Star Metals LLC
  • Located: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Founded: 2002
  • Employees: 75

Gulf Star Metals LLC a United Arab Emirates based company. In 2002 they entered into the non-ferrous metals scrap business. For decades they had been active within base metal trading and other commodities. Gulf Star Metals LLC is a part of Emirates Trading Agency (E.T.A. Star House), which is one of the largest companies in the region with more than 70,000 employees.

Gulf Star Metals LLC is a company based in the United Arab Emirates. In 2002 they entered into the non-ferrous metals scrap business. For decades they had been active within trading of base metal and other commodities.

Investigating A Profitable Opportunity

With growing demand from their customers, as well as a boost in supplies from in- and out-house projects, Gulf Star Metals LLC (GSM) saw a great potential in adding to its business. They started to look for opportunities to expand, and decided to enter cable recycling. Copper is a highly valuable metal, which had a big demand in the market.

During 2008, GSM started looking in to the possibility of recycling of scrap cables instead of trading of scrap cables.

Turning “Worthless Waste” Into Valuable Copper

At the World Future Energy Summit 2009, in Abu Dhabi, GSM got in contact with Ferrostaal, Eldan’s agent in the United Arab Emirates, for the first time, and was introduced more deeply to Eldan Recycling A/S.

During the decision making process GSM visited recycling plants in Europe (e.g. France and the United Kingdom), in order to get a clearer picture of the various equipment manufacturers. They where given an opportunity to get a more in depth understanding by visiting a running plant, and speaking to the actual plant and machine users. These visits convinced GSM to decide on Eldan equipment.

In order to fully understand the requirements of the customer, the product manager at Eldan Recycling, Jan Kjær; the managing director at Eldan Recycling, Toni Reftman; and the sales manager at Ferrostaal, Rajesh Sivarajan visited an existing GSM yard in Ajman to see the available cable scrap.

In 2010 a standard Eldan cable plant (E2500C) including a pre-chopping system was delivered. The system consisted of a Super Chopper (SC1412), an Electromagnet (Electromagnetic Belt Separator), a Multi Purpose Rasper (MPR120), an Overband Magnet (DM1450), a Silo (BF), a Fine Granulator (FG952), and a Silo (Silo SMV).

The Super Chopper (SC1412) is a powerful, low-speed, single shaft pre-chopper used for pre-chopping of the input material – partly to size reduce the input and partly to increase the capacity of the cable recycling plant. The Electromagnet (Electromagnetic Belt Separator) separate iron particles from the material flow. The Electromagnet is arranged across a Vibrating Discharge Conveyor Belt of stainless steel and separates iron particles automatically. The material does not get into contact with the magnetic system itself and can thus be damp, sticky and have a temperature of up to 150° C.

The Multi Purpose Rasper (MPR120) is an effective, medium-speed, dual drive Rasper designed for cable recycling. It ensures individual size reduction down to approximately 15-25 mm fraction sizes. The Overband Magnet (DM1450) will effectively remove the liberated steel from the granulate. The Silo (BF) balances the output from the Multi Purpose Rasper (MPR120) to the input rate of the Fine Granulator (FG952). The Fine Granulator (FG952) is a high-speed, single shaft Fine Granulator for opening of the cables, and for final granulation stage producing fraction sizes typically between 4-7 mm. It is supplied with hydraulic opening of the upper part as well as screen cradle for easy access to the knives and the rotor and easy access for changing or cleaning of the screen. The purpose of the Silo (Silo SMV) is to balance the output from the Fine Granulator to the maximum input rate of the Separation Table thus ensuring that the quality of separation is maintained. It is possible to obtain a copper purity up to 99,9%. The Separation Table is designed to separate the metal from the insulation. The output from the Separation Table (C22) is divided into four output fractions; dust, metal, plastic and middling. The system achieves an input capacity of approx. 2.5 tons per production hour depending on type of cables, screen size, method of feeding etc.


Even though GSM started to investigate the market for recycling equipment during the global financial recession, they felt confident with investing even though times were uncertain. “It took a long time to make the decision as we took in quotes from various recycling equipment manufacturers and visited many reference plants. We finally chose Eldan based on their good reputation in the industry and in the region and due to high quality products, proven technology and a strong brand, says Syed Natharsha, General Manager, at GSM.

According to Rajesh Sivarajan, Sales Manager at Ferrostaal, Dubai office, the connection between GSM and the ETA Group (Emirates Trading Agency) is of high importance: “The ETA Group is a huge organization with many business opportunities, due to their presence in various sectors of project as well as product engineering and management throughout GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council). It is of course a great privilege to be closely associated with them in this project! We expect a continued close cooperation with them in various projects.”  

Since GSM had not previously been active with recycling, but mostly within trading of scrap, they had a lot to learn to start with. “The great support and follow-up by Rajesh Sivarajan and Andreas Krieger at Ferrostaal as well as the product management team at Eldan Recycling has made us feel at ease getting into the recycling industry” says Syed.

According to Andreas Krieger, Director of Equipment Solutions, Ferrostaal Dubai office, it is important not just to sell equipment to the customer, but to build a two way relationship. “Ferrostaal treats the customer as the partner and aims to build a long term relationship, instead of merely having single project contacts. Being good partners is of great interest, and also financial gain, for both the customer as well as for Ferrostaal.” The traditional sales expression is true – it is eight times more expensive to get a new customer than to keep an old one. A content customer will return to your company in the future as well as speak well of you in their network.

Eldan Recycling has built up a good reputation in the region due to reliability of the equipment. “Further we congratulate and give our sincere thank you for the prompt delivery and installation as well as after sales service and training from Eldan’s commercial and technical team. It is very satisfactory and highly professional” says Syed “We look forward to grow in this industry further, along with Eldan.”

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