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Write a thank you letter for a forklift


What! Associated Surigao del Sur group sent a letter to thank the Chinese engineers simply because help transport a heavy-duty forklift? This seems a little 'fuss', however, this is true.

'Mission to express my sincere gratitude to the Chinese engineering, thanks to the help provided by the Chinese engineers local time on January 17, the second batch went Nansudanwei and engineering unit received associated the South Sioux corporation Joint Logistics Center Director Neibulate The · Seji behalf linking South Sioux group wrote a letter of thanks of the Chinese engineering, thanked the Chinese engineers to a heavy-duty forklift transported from Raja task point to Wau base. The letter is copied to associated the South Sioux corporation states engineering officer.

Why United South Sioux group for the delivery of a�forklift�to write a thank you note? Let us look at the delivery of heavy forklifts difficult experience.�

The the LAC task points to the Wau base�320 km, most of the sections in the original tropical jungle man's land, road conditions complicated and dangerous road, known as the 'jungle island,' said. Lack of professional transport detachment, a heavy-duty forklift attachment Wau base has been stranded in the tasks, resulting in a the Wau base support capability of handling containers severely affected. The Engineering Officer Charles this distress, many requests associated Surigao del Sur group coordinating transportation force has been unsuccessful, arrange local transportation companies to transport, were in poor condition, and security to ensure refused.

January 14, the Chinese engineers a conveyor squad was ordered to deploy equipment to the LAC task point plan the next day return Wau base. Informed of the news Neibulate · Seji emergency sent a letter to Chinese engineering unit captain Huohong Kai, ask for help transporting this heavy-duty forklift.

According to the relevant provisions of such transportation task does not belong to the Chinese engineering tasks range. Take into account the importance of this heavy-duty forklift Wau base, while conveying the squad just drove back to Wau base the the Huo Hongkai captain readily agreed to the request of Neibulate · Seji.

The difficulties obvious let the officers and men, but the reality did not expect.�Heavy forklifts, although the volume is small, but high weight, mounted on the car drag level up to 5.8 meters in height and weighs 38 tons, is much greater than the difficulty of transporting general�construction machinery. Light it sturdily fixed a the drag level car, it had a lot of trouble.

�The first dragging such a high and heavy 'guy' walking in the tropical jungle, the drag level car driver Ma Qiang always hanging heart.

Sure. Drag flat car before the line is not how far the road over a stout branches drooping stopped tall 'standing'�drill rig�lifting frame. Only one road, can not bypass. The repairman Liu disabilities see quickly repair the car from the accompanying identify motorized saw, standing on a the drag level car roof branches amputated. To prevent branches rapid fall smashed drag flat car cab remaining officers and men standing the car firmly lift up twigs drag level.

'More of the road ahead turn, slow down, pay attention to the turning radius!' Repeatedly participate equipment transportation engineers Liangyun Hai experienced constant reminder of the way through the car radio, Ma Qiang pay attention to traffic matters.

Jungle vast, sweltering, constant danger. Flat car right rear wheel through a narrow rugged road, drag a tire is 'hidden' in the roadside dust the sharp stumps punctured repairman the Yang Ming Chien-Li Qiang immediately remove the spare tire replacement. Busy as some down, blending with sweat and dust, everyone's faces are like coated with a layer of oil on canvas.

Re driving did not take long, MA Qiang rearview mirror found a chain of fixed forklift constant bumps fracture, he hastened to report, pull over, Liang Yunhai got wire rope bundled fixed again. Despite the constant danger all the way, but the officers and men with superb technical expertise and wisdom, time and time again saved the day.

19:00 in the evening of 15 Chinese engineers smoothly arrival of heavy-duty forklift the Wau base, and delivery of the engineering department, the engineering officer Charles pleased and hugged tightly. 320 km away, transporting the officers and men of the squad spent a full 11 hours to finish.

'Although the 'extra' task is completed very difficult, but it is of great significance,' Huo Hongkai captain said, 'Not only does it show the ability and quality of Chinese engineering, won unanimous praise for me peacekeepers accumulation of related tasks the experience.'

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