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WSP Implementation: Challenges, Opportunities and Critical Success Factors

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There is now a growing set of documented case studies and lessons learned that are demonstrating the impacts and benefits of WSP implementation.

The need to implement WSPs in accordance with local circumstances means that the challenges and benefits vary. A WSP can be as simple or complex, inexpensive or expensive, partially developed or comprehensively implemented, as it can or needs to be. However, there are some commonly recurring issues that are worth detailing. These include:

Inertia – a common first hurdle

An important message to communicate to staff involved in WSP implementation is that the WSP is not additional work, but is rather a new way of planning and undertaking current work. There is a common perception that WSPs are developed alongside existing managerial and operational tasks and this can often lead to WSPs being viewed as a one-off project. This view can lead to the WSP not being seen as a mainstream activity within a utility’s operation and can create unrest or reticence amongst staff that see it only as additional work.

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