WWTP Industrial Coating Sector

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Courtesy of SIMPEC S.r.l.

The pre-treatment operations prior to coating are the core of the fi nishing process of metal and plastic products: The end quality of any type of coating can precisely depend on a proper pre-treatment.

Two types of pre-treatment are carried out in the metal coating processes: Chemical and mechanical. For the second type, dry technologies are used, such as shot blasting, sand blasting and so on, whereas the chemical pre-treatment requires spray or immersion systems with water based chemical solutions.

The purifi cation of the water coming form the pre-treatment plants prior to coating, with its subsequent recycling or disposal, is an essential process as far as surface treatments are concerned.

Simpec designs, manufactures and installs industrial waste water treatment systems since 1993.  Industrial coating, anodising,electroplating and galvanisation are the fi elds in which Simpec has established itself with its own technologies: Open or closed loop physical-chemical plants, osmosis plants, ultrafi ltration plants, nanofi ltration plants, evaporators, ion exchange resin plants for the production of demineralised water, and so on.

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