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Wyoming - Oil Camp case study


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The harsh open plains of Southern Wyoming are the home for many oil and natural gas workers. These hard working men and women are a true cross section of Americans looking to provide for their families back home. For many, their homes away from home are modular housing structures setup in a camp setting oftentimes in the middle of their work environment Due to the remote locations, these camps must be fully self-sufficient, generate their own power, water and provide wastewater services. The newest camp, located about an hour outside Rock Spring. WY recently became operational. The camp will generate between 20,000 - 40,000 gpd of domestic strength wastewater that will be treated using an AeroCell System from Quanics, Inc.

Wastewater from the camp is pumped into three 40, OOO-gallon Xerxes fiberglass pretreatment tanks outfitted with effluent filters. Another 40,000 gallon fiberglass tank equipped with 4 duplex pump systems serves as a recirculation and dosing tank to the 8 ATS-16 AeroCell modules. After passing through the open cell foam media, 80% of the effluent is routed back into the primary tank for further treatment The remaining 20% is discharged, super chlorinated and then stored in two large vertical storage tanks where it will be utilized in the drilling process.

The Quanics Certified Dealer, Garness Engineering Group of Anchorage, Alaska coordinated the project with the design engineer Try-Hydro of Laramie, WY. A special thanks also to EnCana and Kuukpic Arctic Services. System startup occurred in December 2008 and the camp became fully operational in January 2009.

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