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Xenon saves brain cells


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A few years ago, the “Berliner Charité” medical school discovered that in addition to its application as an anaesthetic, the inert gas Xenon can also be used to stop the degeneration of brain cells following a stroke.

As are the other inert gases (Helium, Neon, Argon and Krypton), Xenon is found in and makes up part of the air. Krypton and Xenon, however, are found in significantly smaller concentrations than the other gases.

Inert gases are usually obtained on a largescale in air separation plants as a by-product during the fractional distillation of liquid air.

In order to be able to use them for industrial or research applications, the inert gases must receive further treatment and be “packed” for distribution, meaning they are filled in gas cylinders at pressures of 200 bar.

It is essential that the gases separated in the air separation plant are not contaminated with other substances (ambient air, oil, dust, wear debris etc.) during the filling process or even partially escape in the area of piston seals.

For this reason only those compressors can be used for the filling process whose design will meet these requirements. The multilayer diaphragm technology of the sera diaphragm compressors ensures that the compression of the gases is free of oil and contamination, and does not allow gas to leak.

For this reason air separation plants use sera diaphragm compressors. In addition to the previously mentioned basic requirements for the delivery of inert gases, they also stand out for their modular design of the entire plant periphery which allows it to be customized. This applies in particular to the control and the cooling system of the compressor. The locally deployable control system - developed by sera especially for the use of compressors - allows the control and monitoring of the machine via data exchange to the superior control system in dialogue with the overall system.

The cooling of the compressor can take place by making use of a cooling circuit provided by the customer. In cases where, for example, only cooling water with high amounts of Cl is available, the sera cooling unit can be used. This does not require highly corrosion-resistant materials resulting in a high cost-savings potential.

Irrespective of whether the inert gases are used for medical and research purposes or in lighting technology, there is very likely a sera diaphragm compressor at the heart
of it!

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