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Yogurt plant - Case study


Courtesy of Sebright Products, Inc.

User: Yogurt Manufacturing Plant
Materials: Returned and rejected products, in-plant wet waste

Before Installation Of Extruder

  • MONTHLY WASTE VOLUME: 28 loads, 38 cubic yards each. Average of 10 tons per load.
  • This plant was utilizing a 38 yard self-contained compactor / container which was being emptied on a daily basis.

After Installation Of Extruder

  • MONTHLY WASTE VOLUME:  2.82 loads, 30 cubic yards each. Average of 8.5 tons per load.
  • MONTHLY SAVINGS: $17,500.00!!
Application SummaryBecause of increasingly stringent Federal regulations, the large volume of wet waste was becoming an issue for the local landfill which this plant used, causing the landfill to refuse loads containing too much free liquid. In order to remedy the problem, in November 1995 this yogurt plant installed a Sebright Products Model 4030X High Density Extruder to process their wet waste. Equipped with a 3,000 lb. capacity cart dumper, sonic starter, liquid collection pan and a 30 yard heavy duty receiver container, this Extruder is being used for all wet material that was previously sent to a self-contained compactor. THE PAYBACK PERIOD FOR THIS EXTRUDER WAS LESS THAN SEVEN MONTHS, WITH AN ANNUAL SAVINGS IN EXCESS OF $200,000.00!! Liquid food waste, which was previously being sent to the landfill, is now being diverted to be used as animal feed. Another valuable benefit has been a dramatic reduction in the BOD count at the local wastewater treatment plant, which has reduced this company’s potential need to make improvements to their community’s wastewater plant capacity to accommodate their high volume of wastewater generation.

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