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The Challenge - Upgrade
In 2007 the Yucaipa Valley Water District in Yucaipa, CA upgraded their Activated Sludge treatment plant to a Kruger AnoxKaldnes Biofilm + Activated Sludge (HYBAS) process. The plant expansion was driven by an increase in hydraulic loading and a new Total Inorganic Nitrogen Limit that was lowered from 10 mg/L to 6 mg/L.

Process Solution
The process flow scheme includes flow equalization of peak flows, ¼” fine screening, primary sedimentation, Kruger Anox- Kaldnes Hybas biological treatment and secondary sedimentation for treating the influent wastewater to a 12-month average of <6 mg/L Total Inorganic Nitrogen. Membranes and UV disinfection are used after final clarification to meet reuse quality water.

The biological treatment process consists of pre-denitrification, BOD reduction, nitrification and post denitrification in order to meet the new 6 mg/L Total Inorganic Nitrogen limit. The existing trickling filters were converted into pre-anoxic zones for denitrification of recycled nitrates.

The first two aerobic reactors are complete mix aerobic reactors and have been retrofitted with a new AnoxKaldnes aeration system, AnoxKaldnes K3 biofilm carrier, and wedge wire screens. Reactor 1 has a 65% volumetric fill fraction of the K3 media, while reactor 2 has a 41% volumetric fill. After the AnoxKaldnes Hybas reactors nitrify the wastewater, a portion of the MLSS is collected and recycled back to the circular anoxic reactors for denitrification.

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