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ZENON packaged plants for remote water & wastewater applications

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Jack Noble, Managing Director of ZENON UK, describes their Z-MOD™ and Z-BOX™ modular membrane products, focussing on their application to the provision of potable water supplies and wastewater treatment systems for smaller communities in the more remote parts of the UK.

In this article the main features and benefits of Z-MOD™ and Z-BOX™ packaged plant systems are described. These are complete pre-engineered ultrafiltration (UF) systems designed for potable water treatment (Z-BOX™) and wastewater (Z-MOD™) in a flexible range of capacities, using proven ZENON ZeeWeed® technology. The working mechanism of ZeeWeed® UF, coupled with advanced membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology in the Z-MOD™ product range is explained, and the applications of effective treatment of water turbidity and the enhanced removal of bacteria, pathogens and viruses are described. The treated water quality is excellent, outperforming conventional treatment alternatives.

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