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Zeolite catalysed light hydrocarbon conversions

Availability of light alkane containing feedstocks in petroleum industry demands the catalysts and conversion processes. Two zeolites, ZSM-5 and Mordenite were used for the preparation of a series of catalysts for the conversion of pure light hydrocarbons and industrial feedstocks. Cracking and aromatisation activity of the H-ZSM-5 catalysts varied with the catalyst properties and feed composition. The cracking and hydrogen transfer reactions are facilitated in the HZS catalyst and resulted in the formation of aromatics along with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Pt/Mordenite-based catalyst could improve the isoparaffin composition in the industrial feedstocks, where along with n-paraffins, considerable amount of olefins, naphthenes and aromatics were also converted into iso-paraffins through hydrogenation, ring-opening and isomerisation reactions. Benzene in the feedstock was successfully converted and the product exhibited almost zero benzene at optimised reaction conditions.

Keywords: zeolites, ZSM-5, Mordenite, light alkanes, cracking, aromatisation, isomerisation, light hydrocarbon conversions, feedstocks, petroleum industry, liquefied petroleum gas, LPG

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