Zero landfill option for baling wire scrap


Courtesy of Sweed Machinery, Inc.

Let’s face it, times are tough; and tough times call for a new way of thinking. The buzz of zero landfill is growing, but with the current state of the economy, it’s difficult to afford capital equipment that can help achieve a company’s recycling goals. As a result, Sweed looked for an option that would allow companies to recycle their scrap wire and get the best value for their processed scrap material while using an affordable chopper that was stout enough to handle a harsh environment and process ruthless baling wire. Thus the Sweed Scrap Chopper Model 525 was born. In the past, companies producing massive volumes of baling wire scrap had to process the material with larger, more expensive choppers; smaller choppers simply could not withstand the brutal beating that occurs when chopping baling wire. The New Model 525 Wire Chopper is an industrious machine that simply eats wads of scrap baling wire and spits out compactable results. With a dual-driven feedworks, the Model 525 can easily pull in multiple pieces of scrap wire with knots, twists and even the occasional tangled nest. In addition to designing a brute chopper, Sweed also had safety in mind; due to the unruly nature of scrap baling wire, Sweed engineers designed the “Safety Face” kill switch feature. The entire face of the chopper (around the infeed funnel) is armed and ready should the user need to stop the chopper. The 525 uses 3-phase/460 volt electric, has a 3 HP motor, and processes wire at 84 FPM, providing a cut length of 2 ¼”. Sweed is presenting this unit in a cost-effective package that includes the support stand.

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