Advances in Nitrogen Management for Water Quality


Scientific literature provides overwhelming evidence of the importance of managing nitrogen (N) to protect water quality as well as the environment in general. The goal of this chapter is to address many of the questions concerning this subject. Enhanced N management is increasingly necessary to decrease the impacts that excessive amounts of N in its reactive forms (i.e., Nr) can have on ecosystems. Dinitrogen gas (N2) is the most abundant element in the Earth’s atmosphere and available for metabolism in biological systems, yet once the triple bond of the N2 molecule is broken the single N atoms become reactive (Nr) and bonds with elements, such as oxygen (O), carbon (C), and hydrogen (H), to form some of the most mobile ionic substances found in the soilplant- atmosphere system.

Authors / Editors:
Jennifer R. Follett, Ronald F. Follett, and William C. Herz

Chapter 2. Water Management: A Key to Reducing Nitrogen Losses
E. John Sadler, Walter C. Bausch, Norman R. Fausey, and Richard B. Ferguson
Chapter 3. Nitrogen and Drainage Management to Reduce Nitrate Losses to Subsurface Drainage
Gyles W. Randall, Michael J. Goss, and Norman R. Fausey
Chapter 4. Integrated Nitrogen Management
Juan M. Herrera and Jorge A. Delgado
Chapter 5. Nitrogen Budgets for Agricultural Policy and Farm Management
Shabtai Bittman and Mary Lou Swift
Paul Reed Hepperly, Kokoasse Kpomblekou-A, and Jessica G. Davis
Chapter 7. Precision Farming for Nitrogen Management
Dan S. Long and Fran J. Pierce
Chapter 8. Nitrogen Sensors to Fine Tune the Nutrient Management Decision Making Process
James S. Schepers and William R. Raun
Seth M. Dabney, Jorge A. Delgado, Jack J. Meisinger, Harry H. Schomberg, Mark A. Liebig, Tom Kaspar, Jeffrey Mitchell, and Wayne Reeves
Chapter 10. Use of Buffers to Reduce Sediment and Nitrogen Transport to Surface Water Bodies
Ali Fares, Mohammad Safeeq, Akitsu Kimoto, and Ahmet Dogan
Chapter 11. Evaluation of Best Nitrogen Management Practices Across Regions of Argentina and Spain
Raúl S. Lavado, José M. de Paz, Jorge A. Delgado, and Helena Rimski-Korsakov
Chapter 12. Nutrient Credit Trading—a Market-based Approach for Improving Water Quality
Harbans Lal
Marvin J. Shaffer, Jorge A. Delgado, Christoph M. Gross, Ronald F. Follett,and Paul Gagliardi
Jorge A. Delgado, Paul Gagliardi, Marvin J. Shaffer, Harris Cover, Eric Hesketh, James C. Ascough, and Brandon M. Daniel
Christoph M. Gross, Jorge A. Delgado, Marvin J. Shaffer, Douglas Gasseling, Theodis Bunch, and Robert Fry
Suggested Citation
Delgado, J.A., and R.F. Follett, eds. 2010. Advances in Nitrogen Management for Water Quality. Ankeny, IA: Soil and Water Conservation Society.

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