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Air Pollution Modeling and its Application IX

Model Assessment and Verification, Including Policy Implications: Air Quality Modeling in Complex Terrains; Y. Mahrer. U.K. Atmospheric Dispersion Modeling System; D.J. Carruthers, et al. Air Pollution Modeling in Coastal Areas with Emphasis on the Mediterranean Region: Weather Conditions During Air Pollution Episodes in Athens, Greece; G. Kallos, P. Kassomenos. Modeling of Photosmog Formations in Athens; N. Moussiopoulos, et al. Accidental Atmospheric Releases, Including Warning Systems and Regulations: Overview on ATMES; W. Klug. Modeling of Global and Long-Range Transport: Review of Numerical Approaches for Modeling Global Transport; D.L. Williamson. New Developments in Turbulent Diffusion: LargeEddy Simulation of Atmospheric Dispersion; P.J. Mason. Software/Video Presentations and Poster Session: Summary of Application Software Tracer Imager Package; W. Weiss, E. Reimer. 82 additional articles. Index.
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