API RP 13B-1 Standard for Exploration & Production


This part of ISO 10414 provides standard procedures for determining the following characteristics of water-based drilling fluids:

drilling fluid density (mud weight);

viscosity and gel strength;


water, oil and solids contents;

sand content;

methylene blue capacity;


alkalinity and lime content;

chloride content;

total hardness as calcium.

Annexes A through K provide additional test methods which may be used for

— chemical analysis for calcium, magnesium, calcium sulfate, sulfide, carbonate and potassium;

— determination of shear strength;

— determination of resistivity;

— removal of air;

— drill-pipe corrosion monitoring;

— sampling, inspection and rejection;

— rig-site sampling;

— calibration and verification of glassware, thermometers, viscometers, retort-kit cup and drilling-fluid balances;

— permeability-plugging testing at high temperature and high pressure for two types of equipment;

— example of a report form for water-based drilling fluid.

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