American Petroleum Institute (API)

API STD 613 For Petroleum Refining Standards


This standard covers the minimum requirements for special-purpose, enclosed, precision single- and double-helical one- and two-stage speed increasers and reducers of parallelshaft design for petroleum, chemical and gas industry services. This standard is primarily intended for gear units that are in continuous service without installed spare equipment. Gear sets furnished to this standard shall be considered matched sets.

Note: The purchase of a spare set of gear rotors or a complete gear unit does not mean that the equipment is spared.

This standard includes related lubricating systems, controls, instrumentation, and other auxiliary equipment. This standard is not intended to apply to gear units in general-purpose service, which are covered by API Std 677; to gears integral with other equipment, such as integrally geared compressors covered by Std 617 or Std 672; or to gears other than helical.

Note: A bullet (•) at the beginning of a paragraph indicates that either a decision is required or further information is to be provided by the purchaser. This information should be indicated on the data sheets (see Appendix A); otherwise, it should be stated in the quotation request or in the order.

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