American Petroleum Institute (API)

API STD 616 For Petroleum Refining Standards


1 Scope

This standard covers the minimum requirements for open, simple, and regenerative-cycle combustion gas turbine units for services of mechanical drive, generator drive, or process gas generation. All auxiliary equipment required for operating, starting, and controlling gas turbine units and for turbine protection is either discussed directly in this standard or referred to in this standard through references to other publications. Specifically, gas turbine units that are capable of continuous service firing gas or liquid fuel or both are covered by this standard.

Note: A bullet (•) at the beginning of a paragraph indicates that either a decision is required or further information is to be provided by the purchaser. This information should be indicated on the data sheets (see Appendix A); otherwise it should be stated in the quotation request or in the order.

1.1 Alternative Designs

The vendor may offer alternative designs.

1.2 Conflicts

In case of conflict between this standard and the inquiry, the information included in the inquiry shall govern. At time of order the order shall govern.

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