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Aquifer Test Data: Analysis and Evaluation


Few books in the water sciences emphasize aquifer test analysis. Aquifer Test Data: Evaluation and Analysis, using common language and carefully constructed illustrations, covers the pragmatic methods in depth. It is intended as a text for courses in aquifer test analysis and as a reference for ground-water professionals. The mathematics have been enhanced by numerous illustrations which help explain the concepts and equations.

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Extensive chapters detail Theisian, recovery, step-drawdown; production well; and well field analysis. Additional chapters provide methods to estimate the storage coefficient and simple modeling equations can predict drawdown over time and distance once transmissivity and the storage coefficient have been determined. What separates this book from other books that emphasize aquifer test analysis is its common sense approach and explicit examples for graphical and non-graphical solutions. New and improved equations not found in other books are contained within these chapters. This is a condensed version from the book Applied Ground-Water Hydrology and Well Hydraulics (2nd edition), with additional information and more equations added to better access aquifer test data in the field, in the office, or in the classroom. It is an easy read and a must for any ground-water consultant`s library. NOW Includes 32-page Addendum: Slug Test, Permeameters, and Grain Size Analysis.

  • Excellent source as textbook and reference book
  • Utilizes new approaches
  • Effective and efficient in evaluating and analyzing aquifer data
  • Helps to make quick and accurate analysis
  • Helps users go from theoretical to practical application
  • Includes CD-ROM with Specific Capacity and Theisian Tables

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