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ASTM Standards Related to Trenchless Technology, 2nd Edition (PRINT)


Get 73 ASTM standards on the latest material and installation technology for the underground construction industry. This includes directional drilling, microtunneling, moling, auger boring, pipe jacking, utility tunneling, pipe relining, transmission and distribution pipelines, underground cable installation for power and communications, and various underground rehabilitation approaches.

Trenchless technology systems used on underground pipelines fall into three categories:
• Installation of new pipelines and services
• Online replacement of existing pipelines
• Renovation of existing pipelines.

Recent studies have shown that there are some 50 different rehabilitation methodologies and a similar number of trenchless installation methods now on the market. Using trenchless technology offers numerous benefits including the following:
• Minimize the total cost of pipeline
• Avoid costly excavation
• Reduce construction time and vehicular traffic as well as disruption to the environment, which retains existing landscape
• Reduce need for dumping excavated materials in land fill sites.

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