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Automotive Lubricant Testing and Additive Development

Twelve peer-reviewed papers focus on both the chemical and tribological aspects of automotive lubricant testing and additive development. In order to help the automotive industry meet lower emission standards, higher fuel economy goals, and longer drain intervals associated with a minimization of any adverse environmental effects, the petroleum industries and the additive suppliers are developing low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur) and high tribological performance lubricants to meet these challenges.

These papers cover:
• Impact of additive and base oil on engine oil characteristics
• Low SAPS lubricant development and testing
• Link between additive chemistry and emissions.
• Tribological performance issues such as fuel economy retention, wear protection, and friction reduction
• Powertrain developments
• Industrial standard tests methods for lubricant oxidation
• Various surface engineering applicators in practice

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