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Biomonitors and Biomarkers as Indicators of Environmental Change

Introduction to Biomonitors and Biomarkers as Indicators of Environmental Change; F.M. Butterworth. Assessing Ecological Risks in Terrestrial Systems with Honey Bees; J.J. Bromenshenk, et al. Aquatic Insects as Biomonitors of Ecosystem Health in the Great Lakes Areas of Concern; L.D. Corkum, et al. Larvae of Chironomidae (Diptera) as Indicators of Sediment Toxicity and Genotoxicity; L.A. Hudson, J.J.H. Ciborowski. Integrating a River Basin: Toward a Systems Approach to Global Monitoring; R.R. Hough. Applications of the Single Cell Gel Assay to Environmental Biomonitoring for Genotoxic Pollutants; R.R. Tice. Lymphocyte Proliferation as a Biomarker in Environmental Monitoring: Label, Mitotic and Replication Indices as Biomarkers in Environmental Monitoring; M.E. Gonsebatt, et al. Chromosomal Aberrations and Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Vicia faba as Genetic Monitors of Environmental Pollutants; S. Gómez-Arroyo, R. Villalobos-Pietrini. Biological Monitoring of Environmental Genotoxicity in Southwestern Ontario; M. Petras, et al. Measurement of Placental Levels of Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium as a Biomarker of Exposure to Mixtures; F. Diaz-Barriga, et al. 11 additional articles. Abstracts. Index.
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