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Chemistry for the Protection of the Environment 3

Water Resources-Quality of Surface and Drinking Water: Drinking Water Production with a Dual Floating Medium-Sand Filter System; B.A. Bolto, et al. Determination of Reduced Sulphur Compounds in the Aquatic Environment by HPLC and CE; E. Kaniowska, et al. Air Pollutions-Reduction and Monitoring: Effect of Land Management in Winter Crop Season on Methane Emission from the Following Riced Growth Period; Z.C. Cai, H. Xu. Studies on N2O Emissions from Agricultural Land of Rice-Wheat Rotation System in the Tai-Lake Region of China; X. Hua, X. Guangxi. New Technologies in Wastewater Treatment: Problems of the Implementation of Environmental Management System According to ISO 14001 in Poland; R. Pochyluk, J. Szymanski. Innovative Technology for Municipal Waste Utilization for Rzeszów City; B. Jamróz, J.A. Tomaszek. Solid Waste Utilization: Neutralization of Hazardous Wastes Combined with Clinker Manufacturing; L. Pawlowski, et al. An Attempt to Estimate the PCDF/PCDD Emissions from Waste Incinerated in Cement Kiln; M.R. Dudzinska, et al. Polution Pathways and Soil Chemistry: A Model Study of Soil Acidification in a Small Catchment Near Guiyang, Southwestern China; L. Bohan, et al. 26 Additional Articles. Index.
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