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Clean Air Act Handbook, 19th (Environmental Law Series)

Assist your clients with compliance planning and/or enforcement of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and policies. This reference provides the text of the Clean Air Act (CAA), complete coverage of EPA implementing rules, and an analysis of potential problem areas, along with summaries of key regulations, deadlines, enforcement, and financial impacts. Also includes extensive updates on the scores of regulations and policy documents issued by the EPA.
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  • Coverage of EPA final `Tier II` standard implementing the next cut in tailpipe emissions
  • Coverage of policy on compliance incentives for small businesses
  • Description of changes in regulations governing ozone-depleting substances
  • Expanded and reorganized description of EPA visibility impairment regulations
  • Increased number of references to air quality Web sites
  • Material describing an unsuccessful judicial challenge to EPA `credible evidence rule`
  • Analysis of EPA`s proposal to use the CAA `residual risk` authority to set TMDLs to control airborne toxics
  • Developments on acid rain permits regulation; court action rejecting legal challenges to the 1999 NOx NSPS rules

Summary Of Contents

  • Chapter
    1. Title I. Introduction, National Ambient Air Quality Standards and State Implementation Plans
    2. Title I. General Requirements for Nonattainment Areas, Pollutant-Specific Nonattainment Area Provisions, and Federal Ozone Control Measures
    3. Title I. Pollutant Transport, Including Interstate and International Pollution Control Measures and Regional Haze
    4. Title I. Requirements for New and Modified Sources, Including New Source Performance Standards, Nonattainment New Source Review, and Prevention of Significant Deterioration
    5. Title II. Mobile Sources and Fuels
    6. Title III Hazardous Air Pollutants
    7. Title IV. Acid Deposition Control
    8. Title V. Operating Permits
    9. Title VI. Stratospheric Ozone Protection
    10. Global Climate Change
    11. Title VII. Enforcement, Rulemaking and Judicial Review
    12. Title VIII to XI. State Grants, Miscellaneous Studies and Research, United States-Mexico Relations and Other Miscellaneous Provisions
  • Appendices
  • Table of Laws and Rules
  • Table of Cases
  • Index

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