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Code Tower Standard Specifications


A complete set of these Standards and Specifications. Pre-payments is requested on orders out of the country or a total amount of $30.00 or less. Quantity prices quoted upon request. Prices do not include postage.


Complete set of the Code Tower Standard Specifications - $747.00
A complete set of these Standards and Specifications. Pre-payments is requested on orders out of the country or a total amount of $30.00 or less. Quantity prices quoted upon request. Prices do not include postage.

For those who already have some or all of these publications, the binder may be purchase for $25.00 post-paid.

Redwood Lumber Specifications - STD-103 - $10.00
CTI Grades of Redwood Lumber; allowable grades and grading rules for redwood used in industrial towers and Framework Design Data: allowable design stresses (wet operating weight) nominal and dressed dimensions, wind loading and weight calculations. Revised October 2014.

Acceptance Test Code – ATC-105 - $75.00
Part I - Test Procedure: methods and instrumentation for testing mechanical draft and natural draft cooling towers.
Part II - Evaluation of results: method for evaluation of the performance of mechanical draft cooling towers using both characteristic curves and performance curves; natural draft and natural draft-fan assisted cooling towers using characteristic curves and performance curves. The results are expressed in terms of water cooling capacity.
Part III - Appendix: example evaluation of mechanical draft cooling tower, natural draft cooling tower, and fan-assist cooling tower using either characteristic curve method or performance curve method; calculation of KaV/L; enthalpy tables; facsimiles of ATC-106 Test Forms. Revised February 2000

Acceptance Test Code for Closed Circuit Cooling Towers - ATC-105S - $25.00
This code is similar to the open circuit tower in both form and function except for the fluid circuits. Reviewed July 2011

Acceptance Test Code for Mechanical Draft Evaporative Vapor Condensers - ATC-106 - $25.00
This code specifies the procedures, apparatus, and instrumentation to be used for testing and evaluating the performance of evaporatively cooled, mechanical draft, vapor condensers. Reviewed July 2011

Test Code for Aircooled Condensers - ATC-107 - $25.00
This document details the measured test parameters, instrumentation, test measurements and data reduction procedure required for determination of the thermal capability of a dry, air-cooled steam condenser (ACC). July 2011

Nomenclature for Industrial Water Cooling Towers - BUL-109 - N/C
Recommended terms and definitions for use in describing tower components, designs and performance; includes abbreviations and letter symbols. Revised July 2015

Recirculation - PTB-110 - $8.00
This is a summary of 7 years field study, and gives a procedure to determine maximum recirculation to be expected for any given operating condition; also recommendations for tower orientation to minimize recirculation. June 1977

Gear Speed Reducers - STD-111 - $10.00
This standard sets forth rating practice and operating considerations for gear speed reducers used with propeller type fans on industrial water cooling towers. Reviewed February 2018.

Pressure Preservative Treatment of Lumber - STD-112 - $10.00
This standard sets forth the minimum retentions and penetrations to be obtained, and the physical condition of the lumber when pressure treating industrial water-cooling tower lumber. Revised February 2009.

Design of Cooling Towers with Douglas Fir Lumber - STD-114 - $10.00
Grades of Douglas Fir Lumber: recommended stress and non-framework grades and grading rules in application of WCLA grades and Design Data: allowable design stresses (wet operating weight), minimum requirements for non-framework members; nominal and dressed dimensions, wind loading and weight calculations. Revised October 2014

Recommendations for Maximum Life of Cooling Tower Lumber - ESB-117 - $10.00
Summary of results, Cooling Tower Institute field study on wood maintenance. Includes recommendations for water and lumber treatment. Reviewed December 2016

Timber Connection Specifications - STD-119 - $10.00
This standard sets forth in detail the recommended material and manufacturing limitations, design requirements and allowable loads for commonly used timber fasteners employed in the construction of industrial cooling towers. Revised October 2014

Lightning Protection System Guideline - ESG-120 - $10.00
This guideline sets forth recommended design criteria, components, and the specifications for traditional lightning protection systems installed on water-cooling towers. Reviewed May 2017

Construction Safety and Health Guidelines - ESG-121 - $10.00
The purpose of this document is to serve as a safety and health guideline for various cooling tower procedures that are routinely performed on job sites. The information provided is based on OSHA federal requirements. October 2009

Guideline: Side Stream Filtration as an Aid to Cooling Tower Performance - WTG-122 - $10.00
The purpose of this guideline is to outline benefits to the operation of evaporative condensers and cooling towers, their components, and to the equipment and systems they support utilizing the most common sediment side stream filtration technologies. February 2012

Recommended Guidelines for Concrete Restoration and Repairs to Natural and Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers - ESG-123 - $15.00
Prior to initiating reinforced concrete repairs at a Cooling Tower, it`s important to understand the deterioration mechanisms operating and how best to mitigate the damaging effects before performing repairs and placing them into service.  September 2012

FRP Fan Stack Material - STD-124 - $15.00
This specification covers the material of construction, workmanship, physical properties and methods of testing fiberglass reinforced plastic panels used in the construction of cooling tower fan stacks.  July 2013

Code for Measurement of Sound From Water Cooling Towers - ATC-128 - $20.00
This code applies to mechanical and natural draft towers. Test and measurement procedures, operating conditions and instrumentation are specified. Revised February 2014

Guidelines for Evaluation of Cooling Tower Treatment Effectiveness - WTG-130 - $8.00
Water treatment procedure, by the CTI Water Treatment Committee.  October 1981

Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic Panels - STD-131 - $10.00
Covers the classification materials of construction, workmanship and methods of testing glass-fiber reinforced plastic panels in various profiles intended for use as casing, louvers and similar applications on cooling towers. Revised July 2009

Plywood for Use in Cooling Towers - STD-134 - $10.00
This standard sets forth specifications, grading rules, grades and species and design criteria for cooling tower components constructed of plywood. Revised October 2014

Guidelines for Thermal Upgrading of Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers - PTG-135 - $8.00
The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines to assist the user in thermal upgrading, repair and rebuilding of mechanical draft cooling towers. Revised March 1998

Thermoplastic Materials Used for Film Fill, Splash Fill, Louvers and Drift Eliminators - STD-136 - $10.00
This specification covers the most common fills, splash fills, louvers, drift eliminators, nozzles, and other small components for use in standard properties, burning properties, and recommended testing procedures employed to determine the defined values, whether processed from virgin or reground material. Revised June 2010

Fiberglass Pultruded Structural Products for Use in Cooling Towers - STD-137 - $20.00
This specification offers recommendations for classification, materials of construction, tolerances, defects, workmanship, inspection, physical, mechanical and design properties of glass fiber-reinforced pultruded structural shapes intended for use as construction items in cooling tower applications. Revised August 2014

Recommended Procedures Long Term Storage - ESG-138 - $10.00
Procedures recommended for the long-term storage of industrial scale cooling towers. In general, long-term storage is for an extended period of more than one year, but theses recommendations can also be modified for seasonal storage. The techniques are divided between Mechanical Equipment and Wood Structure. These two groups of components require the most attention because they will deteriorate rapidly if preventive measures are not taken. October 2009

Suggested Ozone Reading List - WTB-139 and WTB-139.1 - $8.00
The CTI Water Treatment Committee has prepared the attached reading list on the use of ozone in cooling water systems. This suggested list of reading materials was developed to assist in the dissemination of information on the use of ozone in cooling water systems and in no way represents an endorsement by CTI on the use of ozone. This list will periodically be updated as new contributions to the literature are made on this topic. April 1992 / July 1994

Isokinetic Drift Measurement Test Code for Water Cooling Tower - ATC-140 - $60.00
The purpose of this Code is to describe instrumentation and procedures for the testing and evaluation of drift from water-cooling towers. Revised July 2011

Application of Oxidizing Biocides - WTP-141 - $25.00
This document will cover the use and application of the four major oxidizing biocides used in treating cooling waters: chlorine, bromine, chlorine dioxide, and ozone. The document will help end users and all personnel involved in treating cooling systems to better understand the chemistry, the application methods and the safety and environmental issues concerning oxidizing biocides. July 2016

Treatment of Galvanized Cooling Tower to Prevent White Rust - WTG-142 - $10.00
The purpose of this document is to provide steps in preventing "white rust" through the application of appropriate water treatment programs. May 2012

Recommended Practice for Airflow Testing of Cooling Towers - PFM-143 - $10.00
This document helps in determining the purposes for anemometer and/or pitot tube testing in cooling towers. June 1994

CTI Fastener Material Guidelines - ESG-144 - $8.00
Sets forth guidelines for selecting fasteners and identifies and specifies materials typically used in cooling tower fasteners. February 2010

International System of Units (SI) - BUL-145 - $10.00
A practical medium of exchange for all basic data of interest to manufacturers, suppliers, and users of cooling towers. Reviewed July 2011

Standard for Water Flow Measurement - STD-146 - $16.00
Methods for cooling tower water flow measurement. September 2008

Water Reuse Paper of Interest To Cooling Tower Users - WTB-147 - $8.00
This is a bibliography of published and presented papers on the general subject of water reuse in cooling tower systems. August 1997

Legionellosis - WTB-148 - N/C
CTI Position Statement on the disease known as the Legionnaires` Disease, caused by the bacterium Legionella pneumophila. July 2008

Corrosion Testing Procedures - STD-149 - $10.00
A code to develop standardized test procedures and evaluation techniques also designed to provide a uniform method to compare relative water treatment program performance in a cooling water system. October 2000

Acceptance Test Procedure for Wet-Dry Plume Abatement - ATC-150 - $25.00
This code covers the determination of the effluent air or plume characteristics of wet-dry cooling towers, designed for plume abatement. Revised July 2011

Variable Frequency Drive Application Guidelines for Cooling Towers - ESG-151 - $10.00
This standard covers the guidelines for operation of cooling towers at variable speeds. May 2013

Structural Design of FRP Components - ESG-152 - $15.00
This guideline provides minimum design standards and cautionary recommendations to designers of FRP structural cooling towers. May 2013

Recommended Guidelines for Portland Cement Concrete for Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers - ESG-153 - $10.00
This guideline offers recommendations for the use of Portland cement concrete in the use of mechanical draft cooling towers. February 2007

Cooling Tower Filament Wound Fiberglass Piping Systems - STD-154 - $10.00
The information within this standard is for the design, manufacturing, installation and testing of FRP piping to be used in Cooling Tower applications. Revised July 2017

Internal Plant Cooling Water Reuse - WTG-155 - $10.00
The purpose of this document is to provide general guidelines to plant owners and operators for water conservation through internal plant cooling water reuse. July 2008

Preparation for an Official CTI Thermal Performance, Plume Abatement, or Drift Emission Test - PTG-156 - N/C
This bulletin covers test preparation for an official water cooling tower thermal performance test, plume abatement test or drift emissions test. Revised February 2014

Wood to Fiberglass Replacement/Repair - ESG 157 - $10.00
This guideline covers the repair of wood cooling towers using replacement pultruded fiberglass structural members. April 2018
Standard for Vibration Limits in Water Cooling Towers - STD-163 - $15.00
The standard for vibration limits in water cooling towers provides cooling tower owners and manufacturers a specification for the acceptable mechanical vibration levels in new cooling towers. April 2015

Gear Speed Reducers for Application on Air Cooled Condensers - STD-167 - $10.00
This standard establishes the minimum recommended rating practice and operating considerations for helical gear speed reducers, of parallel shaft design, used with propeller type fans on air cooled condensers. August 2017

Standard for the Certification of Water Cooling Tower Thermal Performance - STD-201RS - $40.00
This Standard sets forth a program whereby the Cooling Tower Institute will certify that all models of a line of evaporative heat rejection equipment offered for sale by a specific Manufacturer will perform thermally in accordance with the Manufacturer`s published ratings, as limited in Paragraph 5.3. Revised July 2017
Operations Manual for Thermal Performance Certification of Evaporative Heat Rejection Equipment - STD-201OM - $40.00
Operations manual to guide program participants in complaying with the provisions of the latest edition of CTI Standard 201RS.  July 2017

Standard for publication of Custom Cooling Tower Thermal Performance Test Results - STD-202 - $20.00
This Standard sets forth a program whereby manufacturers of custom cooling towers voluntarily allow the results of their CLTTA tests to be published under the requirements of this program. Revised September 2017
Industrial Cooling Tower Standard - STD-203 - $10.00
This Standard covers the design, fabrication and inspection of crossflow and counterflow mechanical draft cooling towers. October 2005

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