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The publication presents the latest data and application of polymide resin composites and their use in space and aircraft environments. Three categories of papers address recent work on polymide-matrix composites, applications of epoxy-matrix composites, and the saga of moisture effects on epoxy-matrix composites.

STP 1465
BEARING STEEL TECHNOLOGY: Advances and State-of-the-Art in Bearing Steel Quality Assurance

Table of Contents

Review of Global Bearing Steel and the Rolling Bearing Industry
A Review of Swedish Bearing Steel Manufacturing and Quality Assurance of Steel Products—T.I. Johansson, T.B. Lund, P.L.J. Olund

Developments in Global Bearing Steel Making Processes
Study of Vacuum Carbon Deoxidation of High Carbon Chromium Bearing Steel—L. Zheng, X. Minghua

Advances in Steel Maker Testing and Quality Assurance
Experiences in Using Ultrasonic Testing of Bearing Steel for Demanding Applications—W. Trojahn, K. Janser, O. Roesch
Evaluation Procedures of Nonmetallic Inclusions in Steel for Highly Reliable Bearings—Y. Unigame, K. Hiraoka, I. Takasu, Y. Kato
A Statistical Method to Assess the Reliability of Cleanliness Measurements for High Quality Bearing Steels—E. Hénault
Rapid Evaluation of the Inclusion in Bearing Steel—T. Muroi, W. Nagasawa, H. Narai, M. Ohori
Radioactivity Inspection Applied in Steel-Making Industry—S. Buoro, M. Giugevich

Implementation and Use of Extreme Value Analysis Micro Inclusion Rating Methodology
Developing ASTM E2283: Standard Practice for Extreme Value Analysis of Non-metallic Inclusions in Steel and Other Microstructure Features—D. Hetzner
Statistical Analysis of Non-Metallic Inclusions for the Estimation of Rolling Contact Fatigue Range and Quality Control of Bearing Steel—D. Girodin, G. Dudrange, J. Courbon, A. Vincent
Cleanliness of Bearing Steels and Fatigue Life of Rolling Contacts—A. Kerrigan, J.C. Kuijpers, A. Gabelli, E. Ioannides
The Challenge of Multiple Particles in Extreme Value Inclusion Rating—S. Beretta, C. Anderson

Bearing Steel Making and Bearing Manufacturing Metallurgy Quality Assurance
Influence of Steel Making and Futher Processes on the Distortion of Bearing Steel Components—J. Volkmuth

Low Alloy Bearing Steels and Heat Treatments for Improved Bearing Quality
New Developments in Through Hardened Bearing Steel Grades for Use in Contaminated Lubrication—P. Daguier, O. Roesch, W. Trojahn
The Characteristics of Vanadium Addition in Hardened Steel for Rolling Contact Applications—J.S. Lee, B.H. Song, S.J. Yoo, C.N. Park, H.S. Han
A Novel Method for Evaluating the Influence of Hydrogen on Fatigue Properties of High Strength Steels—Y. Matsubara, H. Hamada

High Alloy Bearing Steels and Heat Treatments for Improved Bearing Quality
Performance Evaluation of “Duplex Hardened” Bearings for Advanced Turbine Engine Applications—E. Streit, J. Brock, P. Poulin
Plasma Assisted Heat Treatment Processes for Aerospace Bearing Applications—O. Beer
Comparison of Fatigue Performance of 32CrMoV13 and M50 Steels in Presence of Surface Dents—A. Vincent, D. Nelias, C. Jacq, Y. Robin, G. Dudragne
Continued Developments in Easily Carburizable High Speed Steel Alloys—D. Hetzner
The Developments of Austenitic Stainless Steel Bearing with High Corrosion Resistance and High Non-magnetic Property—S. Tanaka, Koji Ueda, Nobuaki Mitamura and Manabu Ohori
Characterization of Wear and Surface Reaction Layer Formation on Aerospace Bearing Steel M50 and a Nitrogen-alloyed Stainless Steel—Sven Peissl Harald Leitner, Reinhold Ebner, Herbert Hutter, Dragan Krecar and Roland Rabitsch

Microstructure Transformation and Use in Advanced Rolling Bearing Performance Predication and Quality Assurance
X-ray Microdiffraction Measurements for the Analysis of Bearing Operation Conditions—Reinder H. Vegter and Hans A. Verschoor and Anna Girones
Study on Flaking Process in Bearings by White Etching Area Generation—Kazuhiko Hiraoka, Misaki Nagao and Tatsuro Isomoto

Advances in Material Quality Factors in Life Prediction
Are Multiaxial Fatigue Criteria Appropriate When Steels With Surface Defects are Subjected to Rolling Contact Fatigue—Herman Desimone, Andrea Bernasconi and Stefano Beretta
Micro-Plastic Material Model and Residual Fields in Rolling Contacts- Gabriel Popescu, Antonio Gabelli, Guillermo Morales Espejel and Benny Wemekamp

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