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Composition, Geochemistry and Conversion of Oil Shales

The last 15 years has seen the development of a number of innovative process concepts, such as fluid-bed pyrolysis and hydroretorting which have enabled considerably higher oil yields to be obtained than by simple retorting. To understand these phenomena, detailed structural information is clearly required on the organic matter present in shales. Indeed, the organic geochemistry and analytical chemistry communities have made considerable strides in the application of advanced analytical methods to assess the structure and biological origins of kerogens. Therefore, it has been timely to bring together leading scientists from the analytical/geochemistry and chemical engineering communities involved in fossil fuel research through a NATO-ASI to prepare a comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of oil shale composition, geochemistry and conversion. The book comprises over 20 review articles, together with a number of research contributions. It is intended for both research workers entering the field and academics/industrialists to keep abreast of developments in solid fuel research.
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