Defending Pesticides in Litigation, 2011 ed. (Environmental Law Series)


Keep pace with fast-changing pesticide regulations and gain a better understanding of pesticide technical data using this specialist’s resource. Includes guidelines for drafting pleadings, planning discovery, locating experts, and researching unfamiliar areas of law in preparation for litigation. You'll also receive the Litigator's Guide to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.

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Series: Environmental Law Series
Brand: Clark Boardman Callaghan
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  • Analysis of damage theories
  • Finding experts in pesticide cases
  • Frequently briefed issues in pesticide cases
  • Liability theories on negligence, misrepresentations, and strict liability
  • Methods for appropriating liability among multiple defendants
  • Overview of the pesticide industry and pesticide regulation
  • Various sections on the science of pesticides

Summary Of Contents

  • Chapter
    • An Overview of the Pesticide Industry
    • A Litigator’s Guide to FIFRA
    • Highlights from the Food Quality Protection Act
    • Reporting Adverse Effects Under FIFRA Section 6(a)(2)
    • Theories of Liability
    • Defenses in Pesticide Cases
    • Causation in Pesticide Cases
    • Scientific Evidence in Pesticide Litigation
    • Novel Damage Theories
    • Discovery in Pesticide Cases
    • Identifying Pesticides and Finding Information
      • Appendix 11T Tables: Identifying Pesticides
      • Appendix 11D Diagrams: Identifying Pesticides
    • Mode of Chemical Action— A Crucial Concept for Lawyers
      • Appendix 12D Diagrams: Mode of chemical action
    • Chemicals Used to Control Invertebrates
      • Appendix 13D Diagrams: Chemicals controlling invertebrates
    • Chemicals Used to Control Vertebrates
      • Appendix 14T Table: Chemicals Controlling Vertebrates
      • Appendix 14D Diagrams: Chemicals Controlling Vertebrates
    • Chemicals Used to Control Plants
      • Appendix 15D Diagrams: Chemicals Controlling Plants
    • Chemicals Used to Control Microorganisms
      • Appendix 16T Table: Chemicals Controlling Microorganisms
      • Appendix 16D Diagrams: Chemicals Controlling Microorganisms
    • Biorational Pesticides
      • Appendix 17T Table: Biorational pesticides
      • Appendix 17D Diagrams: Biorational pesticides
    • The Problem of Resistance to Pesticides
      • Appendix 18T Table: Resistance to pesticides
      • Appendix 18D Diagrams: Resistance to pesticides
    • Toxicity and Hazards of Pesticides
      • Appendix 19T Table: Toxicity and hazards
      • Appendix 19D Diagrams: Toxicity and hazards
    • Pesticide Toxicity to Nontarget Species
      • Appendix 20T Table: Toxicity to nontarget species
    • Safe Handling and Storage of Pesticides
      • Appendix 21D Diagrams: Handling and storage
    • Finding Experts in Pesticide Cases
      • Appendix 22T Table: Finding pesticide experts
    • Appendices
      • Insecticides, Insect Growth Regulators, Acaricides and Nematicides
      • Herbicides, Herbicide Safeners and Plant Growth Regulators
      • Fungicides and Bactericides
      • Rodenticides
      • Directory of Colleges of Agriculture in State Land Grant Universities
      • Effective use of the pesticide exception to CERCLA
      • Glossary
  • Index

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